Dress Yourself

The name of this blog comes from years of being told not to wear so much black.  Despite the many requests, you will often find me in black.  That makes it very important for me to tell you to:


It is way too often that as women, we let others navigate us through our own wardrobes.  The truth is. after the age of six, you should really dress yourself.

When I go shopping, there are two things I search for in each piece: Versatility and fit.  When on a budget versatility in most pieces helps to build the wardrobe of your dreams without blowing the bank.  Fit, because nothing makes me feel more confident than putting on an outfit that fits comfortably and flatters my frame.

The ultimate goal for me is to feel confident in whatever it is I may throw on each day and whatever your style may be I hope you only have pieces that make you feel the same.  So whether you like neon brights, various patterns, or black on black attire, whatever it is i hope you feel like you when you wear it.

What do you look for in clothing to make you feel confident?