If you are looking for outfit inspiration for an affordable, minimalist wardrobe this may be a blog you want to follow.  I found myself scouring Pinterest in need of wardrobe recommendations and what I found was either pieces from cheapy online stores (you know the ones) or luxury-lord-I-wish-I-could items.  Although I love a good deal I am definitely not willing to sacrifice quality to save a dollar.  Quality pieces for the any day everyday girl is what you will find me recommending.

I came from rural Alberta (Canada) where fashion is practically the last thing on anyone’s mind.  I’ve consistently heard “why do you look so fancy” or “what are you so dressed up for” and if you are a North American wearing anything more than flannel and a toque, you’ve probably heard the same.

I started this blog as a way to connect with people who do NOT think I am overdressed, do not think I spend too much money on clothes and makeup, and does not poke fun at the immense amount of black that fills my closet.

Disclaimer – I truly believe you should wear what makes you happy, whether that be bright colours, prints, or a Johnny Cash inspired all black outfit like myself.

If you are interested in working together or just want to say hi, never hesitate to reach out through taylor@wearsomethingblack.com